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Avast Business Antivirus Pro 1 device 1 year

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Everything your business needs in one package. Leave nothing to chance with powerful antivirus, data, and identity protection.


Store your login details with a powerful and secure password manager, behind one Master Password. Generate new passwords, autofill saved ones, and sync them between devices.


Contractors, detached offices and employees working from home all use unsecure networks. VPN creates an encrypted connection so everyone has the same level of security as the office.

Browser Cleanup

If your device is slowing down every day, it’s time to clean your browser. This feature not only deletes your browser cache, but also resets your search and removes harmful plugins.

WebCam Shield 

Stickers on webcams look so unprofessional. That’s why Webcam Shield alerts you every time a program attempts to use your webcam. You decide if you want to accept the broadcast or not.